Sioux City Camera Club: Blog en-us Site by Doug Conrad, Sioux City Camera Club, All Rights Reserved (Sioux City Camera Club) Fri, 01 Dec 2017 05:15:00 GMT Fri, 01 Dec 2017 05:15:00 GMT Sioux City Camera Club: Blog 120 80 DECEMBER MEETING TIMES CHANGED The Sioux City Camera Club's December meetings have been moved to December 7th for the first program meeting and December 21st for the contest results meeting.

The December 7th date will be the Christmas Party starting at 6 p.m.  There is a $5.00 per person charge to cover the cost of the meat.  Club members A to J bring salads or appetizers and everyone else bring potatoes, veggies, or deserts.  All members and their family and friends are invited. 

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LICHTROOM CLASSIC VERSES LIGHTROOM CC Tim Grey presents "Lightroom Classic versus Lightroom CC" to help clarify the confusion about the brand new "Lightroom CC", the rebranding of the existing Lightroom to "Lightroom Classic CC", and what all of this means for the photographer's workflow now and into the future.

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CHRISTMAS PARTY SET FOR DECEMBER 7TH This years annual Christmas Party is set for Thursday, December 7th and will begin at 6:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around to get a count for the meat dish.  There is a $5.00 charge per person to cover the cost of the meat dish and the rest of the event is potluck.  A to J bring salads or appetizers and everyone else bring potatoes, veggies, or deserts.  All members and their family and friends are invited. 

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SCCC MEMBERS WIN AWARDS AT N4C CONVENTION Several members of the Sioux City Camera Club received awards at this years North Central Camera Club Council (N4C) Convention held in Rapid City, South Dakota.  The award winners are:

Mike Greiner - 1st Place Nature Print - "White Breasted Nuthatch"

Mike Greiner - 2nd Place Nature Print - "Black-eyed Junco"

Mike Greiner - H.M. - B&W Pictorial Print - "Mud Man V"

Mike Greiner - H.M. - B&W Pictorial Print - "Pontiac"

Mike Walsh - 3rd Place Panorama Print - "Wallowa Mountain #2"

Doug Conrad - H.M. Creative Print - "Abstract Dance"

Doug Conrad - 1st Place Website

Carl Hardy - 2nd Place Newsletter

Congratulations to all the winners.   

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2018 PINNACLE BANK CALENDAR FEATURES SCCC MEMBERS The 2018 Pinnacle Bank Calendar features three Sioux City Camera Club photographers. 

Jennifer Solma's "Pretty in Pink" is featured on the cover and in the month of September, and her "Snowy Day" photograph appears in the month of January.

"Sand Pit Pond" by Carol Blair is showcased in March, and Doug Conrad's "Hazy Morning Reflection" highlights the month of November.

Congratulations to these three photographers. 


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SCCC SEPTEMBER COMPETITION RESULTS POSTED Here are the results for the Sioux City Camera Club's September competition.  Check out this link to the full gallery: 

Digital Color

1st Ron Nicolls "Ebb and Flow"

2nd Randy Williams "Mud Lake Reflections"

3rd Gary Gilbert "Light Painting"

4th Douglas Conrad "Beach Sunrise"

HM Gary Gilbert "Bumble Bee"

HM Paula Warp "Yellowstone River"

HM Michael Greiner "Gobble Gobble"

Digital Black and White

1st Michael Greiner "At Rest"

2nd Gary Gilbert "1920 Light Fixtures

3rd Douglas Conrad "Diamond T"

4th Douglas Conrad "Black Oak Arkansas"

HM Douglas Conrad "Midnignt Reflections"

HM Carol Blair "Osprey Catch"

HM Randy Williams "Island in the Stream"

Color Prints

1st Jerry Weiershauser "Barn Owl"

2nd Kevin Smith "Fall Colors"

3rd Carol Blair "Butterfly Heaven"

4th Michael Greiner "Jay"

HM Carol Blair "Giant Swallowtail on Thistle"

Black and White Prints

1st Michael Greiner "Sr. Comes"

2nd Steve Paulson "Old Time Barber Chair"

3rd Michael Greiner "Roxis"

HM Michael Greiner "F12"


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ART CENTER EXHIBIT 2017 The next Camera Club exhibit at the Sioux City Art Center opens 10-7-17 and runs thru 1-7-18.  The theme of this exhibit is a “River”.  You can do landscapes that include a river or people interacting such as fishing, boating, etc.

This exhibit will be juried by the Curator.  Each club member should submit 3 photos for consideration and one or more will be selected for the exhibit.  The works can be submitted via email just like our monthly contests or in print form (not mounted) 8.5x11 which can be submitted direct to the Art Center.  The three works are due not later than 9-10-17 and results will be available by 9-12.  That way you will have a month to get the framing done.  The works can be submitted to Todd Behrens at

Framing requirements are the same as in the past-16x20 black metal frame, glass, wire hanger two inches from top, white matt, and your name on the back. 

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SIOUX CITY CAMERA CLUB SUMMER PICNIC   Last Years Summer Picnic Shelter #1 at Bacon Creek Park will be the location for the Sioux City Camera Club's Summer Picnic on Sunday, August 13th from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  This shelter is the first one after you enter the park.  Carl Hardy, once again, stepped up to organize this event and the site was recommended by Bucky Crabb.  The Camera Club will furnish the chicken, pop and water.  The rest will be potluck.  A to J bring salads or appetizers and everyone else bring potatoes, veggies, or deserts.  All members and their family and friends are invited.  Please email Carl Hardy at no later than Friday, August 10th with your number attending so he can order enough chicken.  

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Old West Music Video By Tom Schoening Tom Schoening's old west music video, "Outlaw Trail", is now on YouTube.  This was Tom's entry in the 2017 Siouxland Film Festival.

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DOUG CONRAD'S "COFFEE TO GO" GETS CURATOR'S CHOICE AWARD A photograph titled "Coffee to Go" by Doug Conrad was recently selected and given a Curator's Choice Award in the Experienced/Professional category of the Dahl Mountain Photo Competition and Exhibit in Rapid City, South Dakota.  This juried exhibition based on mountain culture will be on display in the Inez & Milton Shaver Gallery at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The exhibit runs from March 10th through April 29th during the Dahl Mountain Culture Center Festival.  Conrad, a photographer based out of Sioux City, Iowa is Past President and member of the Sioux City Camera Club and on the North Central Camera Club Council's board of directors.  To see the award winners and selected artists click here. 


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NEW LOCATION FOR N4C IOWA CAMP-IN MINI CONVENTION The N4C Iowa Camp-in Mini Convention, formally known as Springbrook, is moving this year to a new location.  For years this N4C get together has been held at Springbrook State Park Education Center near Guthrie Center, Iowa.  A few weeks ago, however, N4C was surprised to learn that the Iowa DNR would be closing the meeting facility for good on March 13, 2017.  The state park and campground will still remain open. 

Fortunately, with the help of several N4C members and others a new location was found.  The name of the facility is St. Thomas More Center.  It's located 10 miles south of Springbrook State Park on 30 acres of land overlooking Lake Panorama.  Click here to see some pictures of this facility.  The dates for this years Camp-In will be May 5th, 6th, and 7th.  You can stay in the dorms on the facility, which have enough bunk beds that you can use the bottom for sleeping and the top for storing your things.  You will need to bring your own bedding and pillow.  If you would prefer to camp, you can make reservations at Springbrook State Park's campground.  Click here to make reservations to camp.

This years registration form is available here.  The deadline for arrival of your registration is April 26th so mail your registration by April 19th.  For a schedule of events click here.  For questions contact Delores Meister at   

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HARVARD OFFERING FREE 12 MODULE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE Want to learn photography from Harvard then check this out

You can sign up for free here


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CAMERA CLUB TO EXHIBIT AT LEWIS AND CLARK CENTER Sioux City's Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center has again invited the Sioux City Camera Club to display their best photographs for an exhibit which will run from February 4, 2017 through April 30, 2017. 

For those members that are planning to exhibit you will need to complete an information form that must be submitted with your framed and wall ready photograph.  You can download and print the form here.  All photographs must be delivered to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center no later than January 17, 2017.

There will be no theme or size limit for this exhibit.  Just present your best or favorite photograph of any subject matter.

The frame should be a black metal frame (no restriction on size) with wire hanger two inches below the top of the frame when hanging.  The photograph needs to be mounted inside a white or off white mat.


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BOB GILLESPIE TO EXHIBIT AT SIOUX CITY ART CENTER Bob Gillespie, a long time member of the Sioux City Camera Club, will be exhibiting at the Sioux City Art Center in the Gardner Room from December 3rd thru February 19th, 2017.  A reception will be held on Saturday, December 10th, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.  The show will consist of 29 photographs covering the last 25 years.

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KINGSBURY'S RECEIVE "LIFETIME DEDICATION AWARD" In honor of the only surviving founders of N4C Vernice and Francis Kingsbury were presented a "Lifetime Dedication Award" from N4C at the 60th annual convention of N4C at Fargo, North Dakota.  Here's a little history of how N4C got it's start.

The "NORTH CENTRAL CAMERA CLUB COUNCIL” had its inception almost simultaneously in the minds of three men  Robert H. Cochran, M.D., APSA. Omaha, E, Curtis Lugg, Sioux Falls, and Francis A. Kingsbury, Ponca and Sioux City.

Fate decided that their paths should cross in the Spring of 1955, these three men sat on the front porch of the Kingsbury home in Ponca Nebraska where their vision gave birth to the North Central Council of Camera Clubs. From their idea that evening a tentative organization, created May 30, 1955, combined members of seven Camera Clubs located in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota. and South Dakota.
Summer, Fall, and Winter Seasons were spent in organizational creation of many of the services still available from the "N-4-C", as the infant was nicknamed. Meeting at the Joslyn Memorial Art Museum in Omaha, January 22, 1956, resulted in adopting a Constitution, and in electing the temporary officers to their permanent positions.
The First Convention, held in Sioux City, lowa, with Francis A. Kingsbury as General Chairman gave the 123 delegates from the 20 member Clubs such excellent programs that it is difficult to uphold tradition in the subsequent Conventions, The now famous "N 4 C, “Where Names become Faces and Faces become Friends"  was originated during this gathering by Francis Kingsbury. The original officers were re-elected to complete their assignment to build an active and lasting N-4 C.


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SIOUX CITY CAMERA CLUB WINS 8 AWARDS The Sioux City Camera Club received 8 awards at the annual N4C Convention in Fargo, ND on October 1, 2016. Six of the awards were for prints.  The Newsletter and Website also received awards.

Mike Griener - 2nd B&W Prints - "Diego Kid"

Mike Griener - 2nd Pictorial Prints - "Cedar Waxwing"

Roger Van Klompenberg - 1st Travel Prints - "Alaska White Pass Railroad"

Mike Walsh - HM B&W Prints - "Marshall Point Light"

Mike Walsh - HM Color Prints - "Silver Falls"

Mike Griener - HM Nature Prints - "Buckette"

Carl Hardy - HM Newsletter

Doug Conrad - HM Website

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Commerce Connection Artists Holiday Open House Douglas Conrad and Randy Williams, members of the Sioux City Camera Club, will be exhibiting at this years "Commerce Connection Artists Holiday Open House".  Save the date for Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th and get in some early Christmas shopping.


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Nebraska Territorial Rangers Photo Shoot The Sioux City Camera Club has received permission to photograph members of the Nebraska Territorial Rangers in their authentic western costumes at their Competition Shooting Range with old west cowtown backdrops on Sunday, Oct. 23. View 2-min. video of location at this link: on YouTube at

 Photographer should focus on gunfighter portraits and similar Cowtown folks photography. There will be no gunfight reenactments, against club rules! Visitors must stay behind the ropes during shooting all competition. Wear hearing protection!

 These are serious competitive shooters, part of a national Old West Action Shooting organization. They use live ammo, So photographers must work around the competition segments. Best opportunities for photography are during lunch time and afterwards (ends about 3 p.m.) On the way home, additional opportunities for autumn scenery photography while traveling through the Loess Hills or the Lincoln Highway/Historical Buildings near Missouri Valley, Iowa.

We should meet at 9:45 a.m. at Peterbilt of Sioux City (I-29 and Singing Hills Boulevard) on Sunday, Oct. 23.

Form carpools and follow along in a convoy at 10. The shooting range is out in the boondocks, little hard to find. I will hand out maps to the drivers, just in case the convoy breaks up. The last several miles will be gravel roads. Parking available on pasture grass on the side of a hill.

 E-mail me of your interest in attending this event. Or sign up at the next camera club meeting. No admission charge required. Visitors are welcome.

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SCCC ART CENTER EXHIBIT SET FOR SEPT 24 - NOV 27 This year's SCCC Art Center Exhibit dates are September 24th through November 27th.  The theme is "Street Stories".  The drop off dates are September 13th thru 17th.

Each Camera Club Member can submit one photo.  It should be in a black metal frame, 16x20 with a wire hanger and glass front.  For consistency, please set the wire so that when it hangs, the top of the wire is 2" from the top of the frame.

You will need to put your name, title of your photo, and price for sale or not for sale on the back of the photo.  If your photo sells the Art Center will receive a 30% commission on your sale.

If you are planning to exhibit a photo please email your name, photo title, and purchase price if you are willing to sell, to Barbara-Anne Huculak at no later than September 15th.

Since this years theme has to do with street photography here are a couple of articles you might want to check out:

5 TIPS FOR BETTER STREET PORTRAITS - Mark Wallace meets up with Kenna Klosterman of Creative LIVE to talk with her about shooting portraits of strangers. Kenna has traveled to 44 countries around the world and has mastered the art of street portraiture. Learn the five things you can do to connect with people and make great images.

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS AND TECHNIQUES - With practice, you can overcome your reluctance to photograph strangers as well as learn techniques which will help you get better candid shots.


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