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The next Camera Club exhibit at the Sioux City Art Center opens 10-7-17 and runs thru 1-7-18.  The theme of this exhibit is a “River”.  You can do landscapes that include a river or people interacting such as fishing, boating, etc.

This exhibit will be juried by the Curator.  Each club member should submit 3 photos for consideration and one or more will be selected for the exhibit.  The works can be submitted via email just like our monthly contests or in print form (not mounted) 8.5x11 which can be submitted direct to the Art Center.  The three works are due not later than 9-10-17 and results will be available by 9-12.  That way you will have a month to get the framing done.  The works can be submitted to Todd Behrens at [email protected]

Framing requirements are the same as in the past-16x20 black metal frame, glass, wire hanger two inches from top, white matt, and your name on the back. 


Barbara-Anne Huculak(non-registered)
Hav e your digital files ready to be sent by September 10. I will be discussing with the curator exactly how he wants it sent. Thanks
Barbara-Anne Huculak(non-registered)
Members must submit 3 photos for their entry in order to be considered. We will give you the email address in September/17.
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