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Light ExamplesLight ExamplesLighting examples done with soft gold reflector and with flash through white umbrella, Aug. 13, 2014. (Photo by Jerry Mennenga ©) Sioux City Camera Club member, Jerry Mennenga, will be conducting a free 2 hour flash photography workshop from 10 am to noon, Saturday, February 16th at Western Iowa Tech Community College.  Come into the school at entrance 4 (it's off the large parking lot across from the student housing).

Those interested should bring their camera and off-camera speedlite (flash) and make certain the batteries are charged and there is a card in the camera. Those persons without a speedlite, but with a popup flash on their camera, can bring their camera and also learn a couple of tricks, but the workshop will deal entirely with using a speedlite.

Jerry will show different ways of using the flash on-camera which will be effective in photographing one to three individuals for portraits, and creative ways of using the flash for effect. He will also do a short demonstration of off-camera flash using one or two modifiers. The group will shoot portraits using one another as models.

If interested please RSVP Jerry Mennenga at [email protected]  This workshop will be limited to 15 people.  

To learn more and improve one's use of flash photography here is a link to a blog you might want to check out  David Hobby is a former newspaper photographer who created this blog and if you look in the right hand column at the Light Archives there is a ton of information there that is free. 


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