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As you know, the Sioux City Art Center is closed until further notice so we have temporarily lost our meeting venue.  As a result we have been looking for alternatives to continue holding our meetings and with the help of Mitch Keller, we have been testing a means where we can conduct our meetings via video conferencing.  This will allow you to connect via an internet connection and view what’s happening through a live stream on your home computer.  As I said earlier a group of us has tested this method and it worked very well.

Our next meeting, Thursday, March 26th will be held using the WebEx video conferencing system. The images for both the digital and print competitions will be displayed for all to see as our judge chairs read the comments and results. You should not need to download any software to connect. Simply click on the link below, which Mitch will activate at 6:45pm CDT:

If you are, for some reason, asked for a meeting number, enter 929 152 165. If you are asked for a password, enter SCCC. You should not need this information, based on the testing we did earlier. 

The video conference will be configured to automatically mute your microphone. Attached below is an image of the WebEx control panel.  (The text labels have been added so you will not see them during the video conference.) If you want to speak so others can hear you, click the Mic button so it turns gray. When you are done, click it again to mute yourself. The button will turn red. Because the internet all around us is being overwhelmed with so many people at home, please turn OFF (red) your video camera unless you are one of the judge chairs who will be reading the results.

Instead of turning on your microphone, we strongly recommend using the chat feature during the video conference if you want to ask a question or make a comment. Click the speech bubble icon (labeled “Chat” in the attached image) and you’ll get a chat section on your screen next to the video. Mitch will monitor the chat so that the judge chairs can be asked to stop, back up, etc. based on comments.

If you have trouble hearing, please first make sure that the volume is turned up on your computer. If that doesn’t solve the problem, we have found through testing that disconnecting (Click the red X button labeled “Disconnect” in the attached image.) and then clicking the link in this email to connect again has solved the problem.

If things go to plan, a recording of this meeting will be available to watch within a day or two for those who are unable to join or have technical difficulties.




We hope everyone will be connected.





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