Sioux City Camera Club

Competition Rules and Information

(Revised 2021/22)

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The Sioux City Camera Club currently holds monthly competitions in both print and digital formats.  Only current paid members may compete.

General Rules

Club rules comply on comparable classes with all N4C rules as printed in the current “North Central Camera Club Council Handbook and Directory” at  Any club rule that is in conflict with N4C rules is superseded by the N4C rule. 

Eligible Entries:  All contest entries must be the work of the entrant and must be made by the entrant by either print or digital means.  Previous entries that placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mention in a monthly competition or an image that won an image of the year award may never be entered again in the same year or later years, in the same or any other category, regardless of variations or changes made.  Exception: Previous monthly winning entries may be included in the year-end judging contest for the year in which it previously won and may be modified for entry in Altered Reality contests.

Monthly Competitions: Club Competitions will be held each month except June, July, August and December.  Photo competitions are divided into 2 photographer classes, Entry Level Class and Advance Class.  Members may choose to compete in the Entry Level Class until they have accumulated a total of 35 points during their career or are awarded Photographer of the Year for the Entry Level Class.  Classes are only changed at the start of a competition season.

Competition Categories: Monthly competitions will consist of 4 categories for the Advance Class: Digital Color, Digital Black & White, Color Print and Black & White Print.  The Entry Level Class will consist of 2 categories: Digital Color, and Digital Black & White.

Monthly Categories: The following are the various monthly categories for each month's competition September through April.

September: Digital Color and Digital Black & White

October: Digital Color and Digital Black & White, Color Print and Black & White Print

November:  Digital Color and Digital Black & White

December: No Competition

January: Digital Color and Digital Black & White, Color Print and Black & White Print

February: Digital Color and Digital Black & White

March: Digital Color and Digital Black & White, Color Print and Black & White Print

April: Digital Color and Digital Black & White

Number of Entries: The Advance Class can enter 2 digital submissions and 3 print submissions per category. 

The Entry Level Class can enter 2 digital submissions per category. 

Note: Entry Level Class members are eligible to enter the Advance Class print competition if they choose to do so.

Judging Criteria: Judging and points will be awarded on the basis of technique, composition, and interest.

Technique: Focus, lighting, color rendition, exposure, and print quality

Composition: Arrangement of all elements within the picture area so the subject matter is presented in a harmonious well balanced photograph.

Interest: Originality, imagination, interpretation, subject, impact, mood, humor, etc.

Print Rules

Print Deadline: Bring all print entries to the first meeting of the month or to the Print Judge Chair’s home no later than 5:00 P.M. the Saturday after the first meeting of the month.

Size:  All prints must be unmounted and may be any size or shape not to exceed 11x14 inches and a minimum size of 8x10 inches

Label: Each entry shall be labeled on the back of the print in the upper left hand corner with the following information:

           Print Title: Example - Beautiful Sunset

Name and Member Number: Example – John Doe SE000

Phone Number: Home or Cell Number

Category: Specify Color Print or Black and White Print

Club Name: Sioux City Camera Club

Digital Rules

Digital Deadline: Digital entries are due no later than 5:00 P.M. on Saturday after the first meeting of the month. 

All digital images are to be e-mailed to: [email protected]

The subject line must include: SCCC Digital Entries for: insert month

All digital entries must be included in one email.  Do not send entries in multiple emails.  

Digital Categories: Digital Color (DP) or Digital Black and White (DB).

Image Format: Image files must be in jpg file format.  Saving jpg files using sRGB color space is recommended.

Image Size: The longest side must be no more than 1920 pixels with a maximum file size of no more than 750 KB. 

File Naming: Naming has 5 parts separated by comas, and ends with .jpg (Example – 01,SE000,DP,Beautiful_Sunset.jpg).  Be sure to sequentially number each image in the category you are submitting.  That is 01, 02 for DP and 01, 02 for DB.

Here’s a breakdown of the example naming system:

  1. 01, 02, This is used to sequentially number the images being submitted in each category.
  2. SE000, This is your assigned member ID number given to you when you joined the club.
  3. DP, This designates the image category (DP = Digital Color), (DB = Digital Black & White)
  4. Beautiful_Sunset - This is the entrant’s title for the image.  If several words are used in the title they must be separated by an underscore_.
  5. .jpg - This is the file extension indicating the correct format of the file.  If the image is in another file format (such as TIF, PNG, DNG, PSD, etc.) you will need to change it in your editing program.