North Central Camera Club Council – N4C

Competition Rules and Information Summary

For complete rules see the N4C Contest Rules (Section F of the N4C Handbook) 

The Sioux City Camera Club (SCCC) is a member of the North Central Camera Club Council (N4C).  As a large member our club may enter sixteen (16) prints or eight (8) digital images in any one category each month except December.  Each “maker” or “photographer” is limited to one (1) entry per category.  These entries are judged by other N4C clubs.  Entries receiving a ribbon in the monthly competitions held from September through May will be entered in the year-end competition. 

It is not necessary to have a print or digital image judged in the SCCC monthly competition to be submitted for N4C judging.  A maker is under no obligation to have a print or digital image sent in for judging by other N4C camera clubs.  If that is the makers wish it must be clearly stated.  If you are a SCCC member you may give your entry to one of the following club members responsible for sending specific category entries to the N4C judging clubs.  This is usually done at one of our monthly meetings. 

Color Prints – Carl Hardy

Nature Prints – Mike Greiner

Black & White Prints – Mike Greiner

Photojournalism Prints – Mitch Keller

Travel Prints – Mitch Keller

Creative Prints – Carl Hardy

All Digital Categories – Carl Hardy

N4C General Rules Summary

Eligible Entries: Only current paid members may compete. All contest entries must be the work of the entrant and must be made by either print or digital means. Previous entries that received a ribbon may never be entered again in N4C competition (except for year-end judging).

Print Deadline: Entries must be received by the club member responsible for sending the specific category entry to the N4C judging club (see above) at one of our club meetings but no later than 5:00 P.M. on the 10th of each month.

Digital Deadline: Digital entries must be e-mailed to Carl Hardy no later than 5:00 P.M. on the 10th of each month to [email protected] The subject Line must include: N4C Digital Contest Entry

Judging Criteria: Judging and points will be awarded on the basis of technique, composition, and interest.

Technique: focus, lighting, color rendition, exposure, and print quality

Composition: Arrangement of all elements within the picture area so the subject matter is presented as a harmonious well balanced photograph.

Interest: Originality, imagination, interpretation, subject, impact, mood, humor, etc.

N4C Print Rules Summary

Number:  Each “maker” or “photographer” is limited to one (1) entry per category

Categories:  There are seven (7) N4C Print Categories: Color Print, Nature Print, Black and White Print, Altered Reality Print, Travel Print, Journalism Print, and Panorama Print (Panorama is an annual contest held at the N4C Mini-Convention)          

Size: Any size or shape print from a minimum of 8" x 10" up to a maximum size of 16” x 20” including the mount is acceptable.  Mount thickness cannot exceed ¼”.  This is equivalent to a single foam core or two layers of regular matte material.   Journalism prints are restricted to a maximum size of 8” x 12” and should not be mounted except a lightweight mount not to exceed 8” x 12” is allowed. Panorama prints are considered to be a photographic print with an aspect ratio of 2:1 with no size limit.

 Label: Each entry shall be labeled on the back of the print or mount in the upper left hand corner of the print with the following information:

            Category (See Categories Above)

            Name and ID Number (Your name and member ID, Example – John Doe SE000)

            Print Title (Example – Beautiful Sunset)

            Club Name (Sioux City Camera Club)

            Phone Number (Home or Cell Number)

N4C Digital Rules Summary

Number:  Each “maker” or “photographer” is limited to one (1) entry per category

Categories: The digital categories are: Digital Pictorial, Digital Nature, Digital Travel, Digital Black & White, Digital Altered Reality, and Digital Journalism.

Image Format: Image files must be in jpg file format.  Saving jpg files using sRGB color space is recommended.

Image Size: The longest side must be no more than 1920 pixels with a maximum file size of no more than 750 KB.  

File Naming: Naming has 5 parts separated by comas, and ends with a period .jpg (Example – SE000, DP,Beautiful_Sunset.jpg)

1. SE000, This is your assigned member ID number given to you when you joined the club.

2. DP, This designates the category.  Use the following abbreviations for each category: 

DP = Digital Pictorial

DN = Digital Nature

DT = Digital Travel

DB = Digital Black and White

DA = Digital Altered Reality

DJ = Digital Journalism

3. Beautiful Sunset - This is the entrant’s title for the image.  If several words are used in the title they must be separated by an underscore_

4. .Period – The period separates the file name with the file extension (you should not have to enter this as your editing program will automatically enter the files extension).

5. jpg – This is the file extension indicating the format of the file (again, you should not have to enter this as your editing program will automatically enter the files extension).