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The Sioux City Camera Club's November Digital and Print Winning Entries
1st Place Digital Color By John Paulson "Window Arch Arches NP"2nd Place Digital Color By Ron Nicolls "Fun With Steel Wool"3rd Place Digital Color By Mike Walsh "Butterfly Sunflower"4th Place Digital Color By Shane Monahan "El Collesseo"HM Digital Color By Doug Conrad "Hummingbird Portrait"HM Digital Color By Bob Gillespie "Snowbow"HM Digital Color By Mike Griener "Bear Lake"1st Place Digital B&W By Mike Griener "I Just Saw a Ghost"2nd Place Digital B&W By John Paulson "Yellowstone River View"3rd Place Digital B&W By Mike Griener "Light Rails"4th Place Digital B&W By Rich Wright "Ready to Draw"HM Digital B&W By Bob Gillespie "Leader of the Pack"HM Digital B&W By Ron Nicolls "Framed"HM Digital B&W By Shane Monahan "Holy Steps of the Vatican"1st Place Color Print By Mike Walsh "Cannon Beach Area"2nd Place Color Print By Mike Griener "Larry's Garage"3rd Place Color Print By Doug Conrad "Genus Tachinid Fly"4th Place Color Print By Jim Hollander "The Pond"HM Color Print By Mike Griener "McKenzie"1st Place B&W Print By Mike Walsh "Clouds in Formation"