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Each year the Sioux City Camera Club Recognizes the best digital and print images submitted by club members during the current club year. The images are independently judged by outside judges who are working in the area of photography. The following images were deemed the Best of the Best for the 2019/20 Camera Club fiscal year.
"Weathered Gaze" by Douglas Conrad - Open Class Digital Image of the Year"Irish Flowers" by Michael Walsh - Open Class Digital Color Image of the Year"Cowboy Camp" by Michael Greiner - Previously Entered Digital B&W Image of the Year"Fiery Skipper" by Douglas Conrad - Previously Entered Digital Color Image of the YearMichael Greiner - Digital B&W and B&W Print Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the YearDouglas Conrad - Digital Color and Color Print Photographer of the YearCarol Blair - Entry Level Photographer of the Year