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Year End Digital Color Open Class Advance Level
01,SE017,DP,Badlands_Colors_Paint.jpg01,SE041,DP,Monarchs.jpg01,SE049,DP,SWALLOWTAIL_WITH_BLUE.jpg01,SE084,DP,Star_Trails_Over_Church.jpg01,SE100,DP,Santa_Road_Block.jpg01,SE119,DP,Yellow_Centered_Tulip.jpg01,SE120,DP,Oriole_In_Flight.jpg02,SE017,DP,Grand_Canyon_Valley.jpg02,SE041,DP,Cooper's _Hawk.jpg02,SE049,DP,LOOKS_OLD.jpg02,SE084,DP,1880's_Town_SD_Milky_Way.jpg02,SE100,DP,Pilgrims_Way.jpg02,SE119,DP,Loading_Up.jpg02,SE120,DP,Bubbles.jpg

Guestbook for Digital Color Advance Open Class
Clark Colby
Winning Selection: Year End Digital Color Open Class: 01,SE135,DP,Turkish_Coffee
This class was a challenging selection! There are many beautiful photographs here that are all technically very well done. This photograph rose to the top because of visual interest. The exposure is natural and comfortable. The shutter speed is just slow enough to show flow and movement in both the liquid and the steam. The shallow depth of field keeps our focus on the hand and the cup, we explore the pitcher and are brought back down to the cup. The frame is full, the human subject and second cup break the frame and view, we feel like we are right in this moment. The soft out of focus background context is just enough to tell us about a streetscape, we see a structure, moving people, maybe we start to hear some sounds, maybe we can smell the coffee. We are close enough and there is enough clarity to let us see the finger print of the thumb, this is a human exchange, tangible and personally presented. The cropping is maybe a little tight on the pitcher and hand, if matted and framed it would feel tight. Overall a great photograph that fills the senses.
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