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Year End Digital B&W Open Class Advance Level

Guestbook for Digital BW Advance Open Class
Clark Colby
Winning Selection: Year End Digital Black and White Open Class: 02,SE084,DB,Kicker
The selected photograph is technically strong with little room for improvement. Focus is sharp on the subject. Exposure is good with the ability to see the subject eyes. Shutter speed is fast enough to freeze the bike and rider but still allow for a subtle wheel rotation implying movement. Compositionally the subject is placed nicely in the left third and moving into a nice amount of space on the right side. It feels balanced. The conversion to black and white works and the addition of the vignette focuses the viewer in the central part of the frame. There is a little grain probably due to a higher ISO, that could be adjusted with some noise reduction. Aperture priority for a shooting mode was an interesting choice, f/5 provided lots of light for a fast shutter speed and a nice depth of field but shutter priority would have locked in the 1/500 of a second to freeze the motion. Depending on the scene and lighting, aperture priority could have resulted in motion blur if the camera was needing additional time to get the proper exposure. All in all a very nice photograph!
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